About Us

Dreamscape Pictures is a creative media startup located in the heart of Camden, London. We specialise in the conception and execution of original video and music for all budgets, from small independent artists up to large corporate organisations.

The services we provide range through:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Directing
  • Editing
  • Post Processing
  • Graphic Design
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Web Design
  • Music/ Score
  • Sound Design

Say hello (or not!) to the team.

Paul Flaherty

Writer. Director and editor.

I am trying with the aid of my cohorts here at Dreamscape Pictures to bring back some originality to cinema.

“In a medium where the remake has become King a man with an original concept is looked upon as insane.”

I mean we live in a world where they are about to remake the first SAW movie, what the hell is going on in Hollywood they just released the last piece of crap in that franchise. I can only imagine what sort of BS is occurring in these high powered cocaine fuelled meetings: “Yeah we can make this small original movie for a couple of mill” “No, No (sniffing noise) wait I got the perfect plan lets redo Jaws only this time he’s a cyborg shark from the future out for revenge, yeah we’ll do it for around 160 mil and get Mc G or Bay to direct.”

F**king morons right?

“Fight for Original Cinema keep new stories alive!”

Simon Goldsmith

Sound designer, cinematographer, editor and composer.

I want to make film and music that captures the mind as well as the soul. Music can describe the world beyond the script, just as the film can describe the world beyond the song. I like to keep this in mind when I’m… in the pub.

“I love to put the cinematic into music and the music into the cinematic.”

*He runs his music site at www.esgi.co.uk.

Sinead Geraghty

Writer. Producer. Poet and Demi God.

I know what you think of when you see the word ‘producer’, angry shaking fists, yelling ’till blue in the face while chomping on cigars. Well I don’t like cigars. As a team we’re gonna put the pump into action and the gore into horror, and then take it out in bucket loads.

There’s more to London film making then grim estates and cockney gangsters.


It’s a London film, but doesn’t star Danny Dyer.

“Long live the new flesh.”

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