Dreamscape Pictures Presents… ‘The Tribunal’

Well here it is, all shot with one 550D and done over the course of the week. And by ‘done’ I mean you could fit the script conception all the way through to the final render into a one week period. That’s how we roll.

The film was made for the Virgin Media Shorts competition and one of the criteria is that it must be no longer than two minutes twenty seconds. Not our favourite length of time to tell a story but we still made it happen. Please watch the video, share it, tweet it and so on. The more exposure the better!

The Tribunal

P.S. We will be posting articles about the production process, from conception through to foley, sound design, special effects choices, budget, behind the scenes videos, bloopers etc over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Again, thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy the movie!

Dreamscape Pictures.

Final stages of our short film. Audio mixing.

Hi there,

Been very quiet due to the insanely fast turnaround for a short film we have created. Just in the process of final mixing of the audio. Over 60 stereo channels! Phew.

The film will be uploaded today and when it does, expect a new post 🙂

New screenshot for ‘The Object’.

Hello, things took a brief break over the last month while other projects were in production, but we return to our main indie project with gusto. I decided to redesign the 3D assets so they have more character and connect with the mythos of the story. The craft is almost complete, once it is I will post closeups of it. Plus I have a much better grasp of Blender 3D now so it is going to look rather smashing when I’m done. The live action filming for the teaser trailer (concept) will be done next month so we are aiming to have this trailer online before June 2012.

Anyway here is the raw screenie straight out of Blender 3D.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Concept Image for The Object!

Hi all,

Thought the Dreamscape Pictures team would pop in and wish you all a lovely Christmas, but while we’re here, it would only be polite to post another piece of concept art for our main project ‘The Object’.

Click image for full resolution

Expect a much faster stream of updates during 2012 as we go up a gear 🙂

Have a great one,

The Dreamscape Pictures Team.

The Object – Update – Concept Art

We continue to slave away for your entertainment!

Here is another fraction of a concept image made in the glorious Blender we are releasing to the public. Don’t worry, you have no chance of working out what this thing is 🙂

Making good progress. Camera and lens tests, CGI, compositing, test shoots with actors, drinking beer, script polishing, more beer, physical effects, arguing over remakes, framing for 2:39:1 and setting short, medium and long term plans for the project. Oh and having a beer. We are actually rather excited as you can probably tell!

*Excited about the project. Not about the beer.

The Object – Pre-Production Sneak Peak!

Hi all, Simon here. Just a little fun development update. This a sneak shot at something I’m working on with Blender . It’s for the indie film project that we recently announced, I can say no more at this time, expect lots more by the beginning of 2012 however 🙂