The Tribunal – Directors Cut

We made The Tribunal specifically for the Virgin Media Shorts competition and knowing the time limit was two minutes twenty seconds, naturally we wanted the story told in that time. Considering the deadline we knew we had to not only shoot the footage but complete the all of the post within the specified time frame, so we opted to film the critical story and begin the post processing of the short film, while filming an additional sequence that adds more context for the sequences that follow in the main body of the story. We then produced the Virgin Short release (which was the original film) while I poured over the reams of footage for what we already decided would be a Directors Cut.

Also, due to those time constraints we found ourselves having to cut many really nice interplay shots from inside the Tribunal room. That was difficult. In fact, out of all of the different aspects of film making on this project, be it the filming itself, grading, special effects, sound design, music etc, editing out those clips was the hardest part (and probably took the longest). We shot over 600 clips in those three days of filming, possibly due to over compensation as we made the entire film using a single Canon 550D and didn’t want the horror or realising that somehow, somewhere we missed something.

Anyway we didn’t miss a beat. Everything went great and now that the Virgin Short is online as has been submitted, we are producing the Directors Cut which will probably run at approximately three times the length of the original. That isn’t too bad considering the original isn’t even three minutes long!

It should be released in a few weeks hopefully. The editing and additional special effects are done so it won’t be long now.

Stay tuned!

Male to Female Prosthetic App – Timelapse


Check out this exclusive behind the scenes video from our recent short film debut ‘The Tribunal‘.

The video shows the SFX Make-up application for our main Actor, well actually the only actor on the film, Timothy Weston.

Jamey Leigh Weber our supervisor of make-up repurposed and expertly applied a latex application from a previous production that was not actually modelled or specified for our lead actor Timothy, the application took around 2 ½ hrs from start to finish, don’t worry we wouldn’t expect you to sit in front of your monitor for long so we have condensed the process down for your viewing pleasure, so kick back and enjoy!

Dreamscape Pictures

Dreamscape Pictures on Facebook

Seeing as we have completed our debut film project it is about time to post our Facebook Page for those who want to receive updates via FB. Especially useful as in the coming days / weeks, we will be uploading production photos from the filming of ‘The Tribunal‘. Please ‘Like’ and Share!


Special Feature… THE TRIBUNAL [Short Film] – Plot Map

The Tribunal - Plot Map

Nice and clear… (click image to enlarge, or enrage, depending on your point of view)

We recently wrote, filmed and produced a (two minute twenty seconds) film for the national Virgin Media Shorts film competition. Filmed on a budget of £200 and one Canon 550D over the course of four days, shooting over 600 shots and with only one actor (playing six roles).  A nice little workout.

We are fans of films that are generous with the information conveyed through the photography, editing, design and sound and kept to that principle with this short piece. Hopefully the more you watch it the more you will see. We will be updating the website at with updates from the production of the film, a make up application timelapse, a blooper reel (hopefully), notes on sound design, symbolism, special effects and more.

This is our first foray into releasing films in this format so we hope you find it illuminating…

You can watch the short film on the VMS website via this link: THE TRIBUNAL

After you watch the film, please share it, tweet it (using the tweet button under the video) so it gets spread far and wide, honest feedback is also always appreciated!



Simon, Dreamscape Pictures.

Dreamscape Pictures Presents… ‘The Tribunal’

Well here it is, all shot with one 550D and done over the course of the week. And by ‘done’ I mean you could fit the script conception all the way through to the final render into a one week period. That’s how we roll.

The film was made for the Virgin Media Shorts competition and one of the criteria is that it must be no longer than two minutes twenty seconds. Not our favourite length of time to tell a story but we still made it happen. Please watch the video, share it, tweet it and so on. The more exposure the better!

The Tribunal

P.S. We will be posting articles about the production process, from conception through to foley, sound design, special effects choices, budget, behind the scenes videos, bloopers etc over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Again, thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy the movie!

Dreamscape Pictures.